Sunday, October 04, 2009

Mobile Network of the Future

Have you noticed how most new mobile phone models have built-in wifi antenas. Have you Noticed how many of the hot new mobile phones are Unix based (Iphone, Android, Limo phones, Maemo, etc) and support 3rd party app development?

Now, what if we allow cell phones to work as wifi routers to a global mesh-network? Yes, it would be fatal to telecoms... but I would certainly be great for companies like Google which wouldn't depend on telecoms for moving content to a very important segment of the market.

Naturally, it would be fantastic for consumers, an it would bring low cost communications to the poorest parts of the globe more efficiently.

All that is required is a app, like the one we have on open-wrt, which enables our routers to form mesh-networks.

It is a wild idea, I know. But those are the ones that change the world!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Internet Manifesto

This document is a must read (see link at the end).

I want to add my own items to it:

1. Net Neutrality is not only protecting Internet content provider corporations' profits

We need to defend net neutrality in a way which goes beyond what is currently done: We need to establish fixed ip addresss for every private individual so that publishing rights don't have to be gatekeeped by large corporations such as Google and the like.

2. Copyright should not be sellable item.

The source of most of the confusion about whether copyright is a good thing or not in the information age, is the fact that most of the commercial exploration of copyrighted materials is not done by the original authors, but by large publishing houses which either coerce authors to give them the commercial right to their work in exchange for pennies, or exploit materials which should be in the public domain for as much as 70 years after the authors death.

3. Network Infrastructure ownership should not be a priviledge of large corporations.

The right to form open "ad hoc" wireless networks should be guaranteed globally, like we have with amateur radio for decades. This is the only way to assure the basic freedom of association and expression.

referente a: Internet-Manifesto (ver no Google Sidewiki)